Innovation out of tradition

Since the company was founded in 1957, the history of EMB has been characterized by innovation and high-quality standards. Based on the visions of our customers and the creativity of our employees, our machines are constantly improved.

The motivation of our work is to keep the great confidence of our customers. The sustainability of our products, the avoidance of waste during the production with our machines and the ethic responsibility we have as an internationally operating company will be our main goals also in the future.

Extensive renovation of the building and the yard

Start-up of a photovoltaic system with 84 kWp capacity as an active contribution to environmental protection.

Building of a new assembly hall with 6000 m² and 10 t gantry crane.

Beginning from 1995: By means of active marketing, we develop additionally our own products which we present first of all by means of commercial activities to our European customers and then to our international customers.

The wide production range is extended by the foundation of an own electronics departments. This completes the entire construction of machines and special purpose machinery.

The design office is founded and the manufacturing possibilities up to present are extended. Now, more complex special purpose machinery according to customer requirements and first own capsule machines can be built.

The ground at the actual site is purchased and a small hall is built.
By means of the improved local possibilities, the first sub-assemblies, appliances and small machines are built.

Foundation of the company by Fritz Kast and Ludwig Haberstroh. In a rent cooper workshop in the centre of Emmendingen, simple bored, turned and milled parts are manufactured.