Screw capsule machines

Screw capsule machines smart-cap BVS-8

EMB is developing a multifunctional machine for the decoration of your screw caps.

The BVS-8 screw cap machine can be used to decorate and print cylindrical screw caps (with or without a sealing washer). Optionally, the sealing washer can be inserted.

For the design of your individual screw cap we offer the following units:

  • Hot foiling on the outside skirt (up to three colors)
  • Hot foiling on the head
  • Relief embossing on the head (without sealing washer)
  • Coloring of the head relief with ink (with drying)

In order to increase your flexibility and to minimize the storage of raw material, the sealing washer can optionally be inserted inside the machine after the decoration.

The flexible modular system offers a free choice of the desired machine configuration according to your requirements.

You also have the opportunity to install individual assemblies later, so that you will be able to fulfill the demanding requirements of your customers at any time.